Floral Design Trends We Love for 2018 with Beach Plum Floral

We’re lucky to work with some truly amazing vendors on each and every wedding here at Mirbeau, to create truly unique and memorable events for all of our couples. We caught up with one of our favorite floral designers, Jill Landry, owner of Beach Plum Floral, to talk about her work and the wedding trends she currently loves:

How do you translate a couple’s style into your designs?

Jill: I feel it’s very important to catch the personal style or vibe that our clients are looking to translate into their wedding florals or designs. When we meet, we walk them through a design questionnaire that helps guides them to their selections. We also take a peek at any inspiration that they have in mind and advise them to consider any and all elements, textures or colors that inspire them. Spending time with our clients during their planning process of a very important part of our relationship, it’s also our favorite part of our job!

What is one thing that couples often overlook in the planning process (but you wish they wouldn’t)?

Jill: Originality! The world of Pinterest has made the guessing game very easy and we live in a world that flips through photos to find what we like. This process completely eliminates being creative and finding any originality in a couples wedding florals and decor. We fully encourage our clients to work outside the box and do something a tad different such as a custom floral installation, a floral backdrop or funky sweetheart table design.

What’s your favorite wedding trend of 2018, and what’s your all-time favorite wedding trend or tradition?

Jill: Our favorite trend of 2018 is the free flowing, natural designs that allow lots of creative design time. It really encourages each stem to have a presence in the bouquet versus the older, traditional tight, round bouquets. Airy, textured arrangements are totally in! Our favorite all-time wedding trend is any custom hanging installation! They are fun and requite lots of creativity and hard work but they are the most rewarding!


See photos from our recent styled wedding shoot featuring Jill’s floral designs, Design by Kate Murtaugh, Hair by Kris Pavao, Makeup by Claudia Moriel, Calligraphy by FXA Calligraphy, and dress by Flair Boston.